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What is IG Flash and FAQs.

What is IG Flash

IG Flash Is An Instagram Auto Liker, Auto Commenter & Auto Follower Tool. You Can Use This Tool To Increase Likes/Comments On Your Instagram Photos & Followers On Your Instagram Profile. Moreover IG Flash Is One Of The Best Instagram Auto Liker/Commenter/Follower Available.

How it works?

There is not any rocket science behind IG Flash, it just works using the Instagram APIs and that's all.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why its me only liking the photo? - Make sure that your account is not set to 'Private' mode.
  2. Why I got only few likes on my photo? - As we just started up this site so, we don't have many users so this problem occurs. Please help us to promote IG Flash by sharing it to your friends.
  3. Is this script for sale? - Sorry, its not.

We'll launch some more exciting features to IG Flash soon.

Need a help while using IG Flash?

If you're having problems in using IG Flash, you can watch the video tutorial for a better understanding about 'How to use IG Flash'. Just click the button below to watch the tutorial.

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